Our experienced regular tunnel flyers and skydivers can purchase tunnel time at exclusive Pro Flyer rates! Drop in to Gravity to create your Pro Flyer account first.

Authorization by our Senior Instructor is required prior to creating a Pro Flyer account.



Gravity B.A.S.E


Time Rate
60 mins BD 40
10 mins BD 10
60 mins BD 80
10 mins BD 15

Time Rate
10 mins BD 72
15 mins BD 105
30 mins BD 193
1-5 hours BD 340
6 hours+ Contact Gravity reception

*Pro-flyer rates are valid for a period of 1 year from date of purchase


Looking to improve your skills and learn new manoeuvres?

Our instructors are qualified to coach you in areas where you need to improve! We are prepared to coach you for any level of flying and help you progress in multiple disciplines.


Attention all military groups!

Train like a trooper with your unit and get special rates.

Our wind tunnel is an ideal platform for your airborne troops to continue training or just if a group of military personnel want to get together for some fun.  Our qualified instructors have been working with all our military groups to work out the best training package for your needs.  We can tailor the training to meet the units needs or just create a fun outing for a one off activity.

*Note: This is not an individual military discount and is only available to military units and groups of serving personnel. Military deals are valid for a period of 1 year.

Please contact reception for further details and information.

Gravity B.A.S.E

Enjoy the thrill of an indoor B.A.S.E. jump experience!

Jump into the tunnel at supersonic speeds from the very top and feel the adrenaline as you rush down. Gravity is one of only three tunnels in the world, and the only one in the region, to provide an indoor B.A.S.E. Jump facility for its ProFlyer community!

Keen to try this out?

1. You MUST be a Pro Flyer and attend a briefing session with our Senior Instructor and complete the flyer training prior to using the hatch.

2. You need to be proficient in Back Flying

3. Minimum tunnel time for booking is 30 minutes. The time spent using the hatch is included in tunnel time.

The B.A.S.E. Jump facility membership is BD 50 per year.

Please call reception to speak to our Senior Instructor to book.

Have great fun while practicing your launches!